Something I've realised, recently is that I really miss ritual. I used to be a catholic, and I really miss the daily ritual of prayer and the weekly ritual of Mass.

I'm an atheist, and intent on remaining one. I think it would be difficult to attend catholic services without being sucked in again.

Can anyone suggest rituals compatible with being an atheist?

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Hey all, could anyone in London put me up this Thursday night? Would get to yours at about 10pm I reckon... Please please please.

Just curious...

Do you like the UK national anthem (God Save The Queen)

Other (please comment)

If no, what would you prefer

Something else

ETA: Yes, Jerusalem is a Christian song, and I'm an atheist, but I think it's lovely.


At the moment I'd prefer it if people (with the exception of a few of my closer friends) didn't ask about my family's health face to face. I find it quite awkward. Thanks!

Post for discussion of poll answers

This post is so that people can discuss the answers that they gave in the comments, and the gender differences in answers to the questions.

Explanation of my answers:
7 for physical appearance. I've been a lot happier than usual with my appearance lately. I'm not sure why, but it's a good thing :). Still only 7 though, because I would choose to look different if I could.

8 for intellectual confidence. I have a lot of intellectual confidence, and I'm very glad of this. I've put 8 rather than 10 though, because I am realistic and I have some awareness of my limitations. For instance, I wouldn't be able to do university level maths.

6 for social confidence. I'm pretty good at making friends, but I still feel overwhelmed by large groups of people.

6 for happiness with my personality. I think I'm pretty likeable & fun to be around (er I hope), but I also can be bad tempered, and I think I can be quite selfish. There are still thinks to work on.

Worried that all this sounds arrogant, but I'm glad that I feel good about these things these days.

ETA: Anyone else want to discuss their answers?